On The Move

Sydney Living Museums

2020: Winner Projects over $150,000

ON THE MOVE is a highly interactive intergenerational family exhibition that takes the audience on a journey of exploration around Australia discovering fascinating facts about different modes of transport, inventions and the amazing people behind them. From the supersonic vehicles of the present to pioneering prototypes from the past, and new innovations that will redefine how we travel in the future, ON THE MOVE celebrates the way in which transport captures our imagination.

Created in partnership with Australian illustrator James Gulliver Hancock ON THE MOVE is the sixth in a series of popular family-friendly exhibitions developed by Sydney Living Museums (SLM), demonstrating a commitment to providing interactive educational experiences for visitors of all ages. The exhibition primarily aimed to facilitate fun, cross-generational interaction and education for carers and children, ranging from early learners to mid-primary school age.

Through vivid illustrations and immersive and interactive stations visitors of all ages were encouraged through play based learning to:
• navigate the complexities of a metropolis transport networks
• consider the importance of sustainable transport choices and renewable fuel
• rethink the process of inventing and the significance of trial and error in driving innovation
• discover and explore the evolution of modes of transport and image what they might be like in the future!

The exhibition also continues a long tradition of SLM exhibitions, aiming to deepen visitor connection with Sydney and their surrounds and to prompt new ways of seeing, thinking about and exploring where they live and further afield to other cities or places.


Awards Submission

Part B Supporting Documentation

Project Team: 

Curator: Mel Flyte
Senior 3D designer: Kieran Larkin
Project designer: Anne-Louise Falson
Illustrator: James Gulliver Hancock
Animator: Matt Nguyen
Project manager: Alison McCann
Project officer: Charlotte Roberts
Marketing manager: Carli Collins
Marketing designer: Lorinda Taylor
Exhibition technician: Tim Moore
Exhibition production: Big City
Graphic production: Blow Up Imaging