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May 2019

2018 Interpretation Australia’s Young Achiever’s Award Winner

Katy Penman

Katy Penman (https://katydidcreate.com.au/)  was the kid who read all the signs and asked lots of questions whenever she visited a new place. Now, as a grown up she enjoys crafting enjoyable and meaningful ways for visitors to engage with landscapes. Her experience and training is in painting, forestry, education and heritage. She works as a Ranger at the Australian National Botanic Gardens and has a freelance business called Katydid where she uses her diverse skills to create interpretation that helps people, particularly young people to feel both at ease and inspired by the landscape around them.

February 2019

Perspectives with Sacha Fawkes

Sacha Fawkes has been working in museums for the last 3 years in education, public programs, and visitor services roles. He brings perspectives from having lived in remote, regional, and urban Australia over the past decade. His previous career as a circus professional teaching, performing, and devising ensemble work has provided rich experiences to draw from in his contributions to the GLAM sector. He has qualifications in Anthropology, English, Circus, Education, and is currently working towards being qualified as a librarian.

January 2019

There is so much more to Sydney Olympic Park than the sports stadiums and major events

Recently members of IA met Fiona Tucker and the Sydney Olympic Park Visitor Program team for an exclusive morning tour of the Brickpit, site of the former State Brickworks.

After the tour IA member, Jo and Fiona had a chat about some of the range of visitor experiences and opportunities at Sydney Olympic Park.

2018 Webinar/Podcasts

May 2018

Amy MacKintoshAn emerging young heritage professional, Amy MacKintosh recently completed her Masters in Cultural Heritage at Deakin University. She also spent a very cold semester at Brandenburg University of Technology in Germany and will receive a Masters in World Heritage from BTU in recognition of her time there.

With a working background in education, Amy has developed a passion for creating effective and exciting interpretation aimed at young people. Working and volunteering at heritage sites such as Old Melbourne Gaol and Melbourne Museum, Amy has seen the power of engaging with children and telling them stories which engross and excite. She remembers fondly her own childhood experiences at museums and heritage sites, and believes strongly that interpretation targeted at young people can create lifelong advocates for heritage.

If you have any questions for Amy.  Contact details are amackintosh142@gmail.com.

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March 2018Kairos Now

Jane Cockburn from Kairos Now will be hosting the Podcast and will be talking about the following areas:

  • What is design thinking and why has it been adopted/integrated by so many companies?
  • How can design thinking help to craft message, meaning and relevance?
  • Who else in fields related to interpretation integrate design thinking and what related benefits are being realised?

Jane Cockburn is an expert in Design Thinking and is the founder of Kairos Now.

Thirty plus years of experience within the healthcare market has highlighted to Jane the importance of the customer, patient and consumer relationships and the delivery of good outcomes. So it seemed natural for Jane to lead an organisation that advocates and explores the voice of the customer, consumer, patients and their families. By tapping into a designer’s mindset Jane can help you identify the future that will make a difference for your organisation. You will discover what really matters to your customers, consumers, patients and their families. This discovery is critical to shape a clear and clever strategy and way of working that will differentiate your organisation from others.

Karios Now

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December 2017

Aboriginal Ranger Program

Featuring Krystal Hurst & Jackson Taylor-Grant from the Murumbung Aboriginal Ranger Program in the ACT

At the 2016 Interpretation Australia conference held in Canberra, the presentation delivered by Aboriginal Rangers Krystal Hurst & Jackson Taylor-Grant was one of the highlights for many delegates. Both Krystal and Jackson are instrumental in the Murumbung Program, and at this conference shared their insights and experiences as Murumbung Rangers of the ACT Parks and Wildlife Service when Speaking on Country. They shared how their way of connecting and sharing allows people to look deeper into history and themselves. At the end of their presentation they called all delegates with the following:

The next time you leave your footprints on a dirt track with the eucalypts and wattles surrounding, listen with your mookahs (ears) and yukuls (hearts) and ask yourself, what’s the story of this place and what is my place within it? Who’s Country am I standing on?

Their involvement with this program acknowledges Adrian Brown, who together with others initiated the Murumbung Yurung Murra program, meaning ‘good strong pathways’, in response to a lack of communication with other Aboriginal staff working in the same organisation.

Both Krystal and Jackson continue fulfilling this vision as leaders and strong advocates, and not just within this program but in other capacities. For example, Krystal was awarded the 2013 ACT NAIDOC Trainee of the Year, and Jackson together with others including Dean Freeman delivered a presentation at the 2017 Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council on “Bringing Aboriginal knowledge into agency programs in southern Australia”.

July 2017

Interpretation Australia Awards of Excellence Webinar 2017

Have you ever wanted to ask what it takes to put in a winning submission for the IA Awards? Wanted to know what the judges are looking for or how to improve your chances of winning one of the IA Awards of Excellence? Join past winners, judges and award convenors as we discuss the awards process, and what makes submissions stand out from the crowd.

If you have any questions for the webinar please email them through to sagterhuis@zoo.org.au

June 2017

Naias MingoProfessor Bubblé – developing characters and experiences for Community Conservation campaigns

Join Naias Mingo, Visitor Engagement Coordinator at Healesville Sanctuary, as she talks you through how they developed their new character, Professor Bubblé, and her bubble show as part of Zoos Victoria’s When Balloons Fly Seabirds Die community conservation campaign.

Professor Bubblé and her bubble show were developed to help Healesville Sanctuary’s visitors fall in love with bubbles as an environmentally friendly alternative to balloons at outdoor events.

Naias will talk you through the development of Professor Bubblé and her show from concept to delivery, how theatrical characters are integral to the visitor experience at Healesville Sanctuary and are part of the Sanctuary’s Face to Face Visitor Engagement Action Plan.Naias Mingo has been the Visitor Engagement Coordinator at Healesville Sanctuary for the last two and a half years. Before joining the Zoos Victoria team she worked in public program roles at the New Zealand Police Museum and Air Force Museum of New Zealand. In her current role she coordinates a team who deliver animal, theatrical and themed encounters aimed at connecting visitors to wildlife and wild places. Basically the best job ever.


April 2017

Beata KadeHow to ensure excellence within your interpretive project for excellence

How do you ensure excellence when managing an interpretation project? In this webinar Beata Kade will be sharing with us her insights on what makes for excellence when developing and delivering interpretation projects. Beata is the founder and managing director of the company ‘The Art of Multimedia’ and the winner of the 2016 Interpretation Australia Best of Excellence Award. Beata has a diverse and strong background in professions that include marketing, sales, IT,  design and communications … all relevant when managing interpretive projects.

And what speaks volumes of Beata’s commitment to the client experience is her statement “Our greatest reward is to be given the opportunity to continue doing what we love: creating transformative communication experiences that change an audience’s perceptions and exceed a client’s expectations”.

Look forward to you joining Beata and gaining insights on what makes for excellence within your interpretive project.



November 2016

An exemplar of collaborative interpretation: Zealandia wildlife sanctuary/Nature Connections partnership Julia Scott is the Lead Ranger of Visitor Experience at Zealandia wildlife sanctuary in Wellington. Julia has a background in graphic design and a Masters in Sociology / Art History, and has previously worked in Interpretation at Auckland Zoo. Julia has recently taken up the role of secretary for Interpretation Network New Zealand. Zealandia is the world’s first fully-fenced urban eco-sanctuary, with a 500-year vision to restore a Wellington valley’s forest and freshwater ecosystems as closely as possible to their pre-human state. Julia will be discussing Zealandia’s vision and visitor experience programme, as well as Zealandia’s involvement in the Nature Connections partnership, which helps Wellington’s eco-assets to work together to protect, preserve and showcase the region’s unique environment.

April 2016

Co-creating the visitor experience In this webinar Rosy Black and Betty Weiler will be sharing their thoughts on the evolving role of the guide and interpreter in response to the changing tourist market, and the trend to creating experiences between guides and their visitors. They will be defining what ‘co-creation’ means and how guides can actively  integrate the needs  and interests of the visitor to create a personalised and meaningful experience. The focus for the webinar will be on the face to face environment which includes guided walks, talks and tours. Rosy is an Associate Professor at Charles Sturt University and Betty a Professor at Southern Cross University – both have extensive and in-depth experience in the field of guiding, tourism and interpretation.

May 2016

Building Deeper Relationships Between For- and Not-for-profits With persistent funding and resourcing pressures on not-for-profit organisations, building deeper partnerships with the private sector can help diversify your funding and resource base. The question is: who do you target and how? In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why companies are reviewing their philanthropic and CSR commitments
  • New avenues for strategic partnering conversations
  • How to can start developing your own opportunities

It will give you a new perspective on opportunities that could lead to significant diversification, risk reduction and improved service levels. Presenter: Phil Preston, who is a collaboration and shared value specialist, and works with a wide range of community organisations, not-for-profits, governments, businesses and enterprises.