IA Social Media

Interpretation Australia using social media to share and promote our members, innovative ideas, contemporary works, as well as networking. We have FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter for your convenience. As part of our engagement with members, we encourage them to take up the curatorship of our Instagram page for a week, to share, show and comment on interpretation in their worlds. If you would like to know more, or to sign up for the job for a week, please contact us.


Thanks for signing up! The purpose our Instagram account is the share and promote the diversity of our members and the profession/work of interpretation more broadly. It is also an opportunity to network and meet other members and professionals. Here are some guidelines and tips to get you started:

  1. Log in using the username & password provided.
  2. Do not change or adjust any of the Instagram settings.
  3. On your first post please introduce yourself and provide any info about what we might expect to see/experience/learn during the week.
  4. When posting photos: 
    • preferably, only post photos you have taken yourself.
    • if you’re reposting other people’s photos ensure you credit them.
    • photos can be existing ones.
    • avoid posting stock footage or memes.
    • they can be photos of your work, your weekend, your garden, your pets, your holidays, your hobbies, hilarious signs, gorgeous scenery or street art. Anything really, as long as it relates to interpretation, so get creative!
    • always include a short caption with your photo. Remember, Instagram is about image sharing, NOT information sharing.
    • remember you are representing IA so consider how your posts might reflect on the organisation.
    • feel free to sign off your caption with your name or Instagram handle.
    • Hashtags are used as a search function to find images with theme. Always use #interpretation and feel free to add your own (#justdontmakethemup)
    • the number of photos you can post is unlimited. However, you must post at a minimum of one photo per day.
    • have fun but be considerate and use good judgement. If you’re not sure if you should post something, please don’t.
    • sharing of your individual or businesses interpretation work is OK, however, explicit advertising or business exchanges are not permitted.
    • you can give other poster’s photos the ❤ but again be choosy. To be safe, stick to liking members and other like-minded professional organisations.
    • do respond to any comments or questions related on your posts.
    • when posting from home we recommend using generic locations for your own safety.
    • always choose ‘share to Facebook and Twitter’. This will automatically cross post to your other social media channels.
  5. The page is moderated. If your post does not meet these guidelines or is deemed to be inappropriate or offensive, it will be deleted, and you may not be advised why.
  6. If you fail to follow these guidelines your access may be cancelled & further involvement not considered.
  7. At the end of your Insta-curatorship, the password will be changed.
  8. You can be an Insta-curator as many times as you like (subject to availability).
  9. Don’t forget to tell your friends & followers on all your social media channels that you are curating the IA Instagram page!
  10. Have fun! If you have any difficulties or questions do not hesitate to contact us.