Questacon Mission to Mars

Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre (A Division of the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources)

2020: Creativity In A Crisis Award

Questacon Mission to Mars reinterpreted and physically transformed our hands on science centre into an immersive hands free experience, allowing visitors to see our building, exhibits and performers like never before. The COVID safe product is a new guided experience that takes visitors on a journey from Earth to the red planet. Drawing on the performance and interpretation talent of our visitor-facing staff, the tour explores the science of this fascinating planet and the challenges humanity will need to overcome if we are ever to visit Mars. What are the medical risks of space travel? How will humans survive in Mars’ inhospitable atmosphere? Is there liquid water on Mars? What is below the surface of the planet? Why is Mars so similar to Earth and yet so very different?

From the launch of the rocket to the eventual touch down on the surface of the red planet, visitors are guided through selected Questacon exhibitions and enjoy a range of immersive learning experiences to gain the skills and knowledge needed to be the first humans on Mars. The journey concludes with a spectacular visit to our impressive seven metre Mars globe, suspended in the inner gallery on the ground floor. This experience leaves our visitors with one final question – would you go to Mars?


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