Tiger Trek

Taronga Conservation Society

2018 Winner – Projects over $150,000

There are only 350 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild. This situation may seem hopeless … but it’s not.
Tiger Trek, a new exhibit at Taronga Zoo, is designed as a powerful immersive and disruptive experience that creates internal conflict in zoo guests; sparking deep emotional connections to Tigers, then challenging and inspiring people to take positive action to help save these magnificent animals.

The exhibit uses a combination of authentic cultural theming and landscaping, interactive elements and AV, props and staging, rich storytelling and soundscapes to create an immersive physical and emotional journey. In a simulated flight onboard Tiger Trek Airlines, guests are transported from Taronga Zoo to Indonesia. There, guests engage with Sumatran Tigers through close encounters, learn about Tigers’ behaviour in their natural habitat and find out about local conservation projects such as the Wildlife Protection Unit.

In transition back to the urban world, guests enter ‘Choice Mart’ — a simulated supermarket where they are empowered to make consumer choices to help protect the remaining Tiger population in Sumatra. They can also encourage manufacturers and retailers make more sustainable choices in food production through the Raise Your Palm community campaign. This campaign, developed as an integral part of the Tiger Trek exhibit, leverages community action to support the transition towards a truly responsible (sustainable) palm oil industry in Australia.

Together we can save Sumatran Tigers — and create a shared future for wildlife and people.


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Project Team

Daniel Djikic, Taronga Zoo Project Manager
Carlo L’Aurora, Taronga Zoo Project Manager
Julia Donnelly, Taronga Zoo, Guest Experience
Nicole Whitfield, Taronga Zoo, Interpretation
Belinda Fairbrother, Taronga Zoo, Raise Your Palm campaign
Hayley Smithers-Kirk, Taronga Zoo, Wild Squad app mission
Michael Drinkwater, Taronga Zoo, Wildlife Conservation
Mandy Everett, Taronga Zoo, Exotic Fauna
Louise Ginman, Taronga Zoo, Carnivore Keepers
Rodd Stapley, Taronga Zoo, Wildlife Conservation and Sciences Operations
Ian Bracegirdle, MothersArt Pty Ltd, Interpretative Design & Visitor Experience Concept work
Green G.a. and Associates, Horticulture/landscaping
The PA People Pty Ltd, AV Design Consultancy
115 Solutions Pty Ltd, AV Design Consultancy
Nutshell, Supermarket Lightbox Graphic
Zauner Construction, Theming and Graphics production
Show Works, Design and Production of Staging/ themed props and signage
Art of Multimedia, Production of the immersive 3D visitor flight experience, videos, digital posters and soundscapes
Web developers Specialist Apps, Design of system architecture and app user interface
Agency, Copy Consultant
Toni Roberts, Hatchling, Audience testing