John is presenting the Back Pocket Creative Hacks – a Workshop in Creativity

I focus on the value of stories for enriching and enhancing our communication skills. The crafting and sharing of story, helps build a range of skills including facilitation, observation, listening and questioning, presentation and creativity.

John PastorelliA core trait we have when we come into this world (apart from our lungs which power up those initial screams) is that of discovery … of being creative in how we explore and find out more about our world. As we age this trait suffers from a hardening of those arteries which deliver creative juices to our behaviour and attitudes … which takes away the opportunities for us to create and offer ideas to the task at hand.

For John, hooking into opportunities to learn more about the art of crafting and sharing ideas has been core to John’s work and life’s experiences. This includes finding ways of getting through a range of challenges such as touring through Australia on a motorbike, hitch-hiking across Canada and Alaska and especially when helping individuals, communities and organisations find and craft their own stories.

Stories are real, cut through the clutter of distractions, and engage people at a fundamental human level. Stories are universal in their appeal and one of the most effective means of communicating messages and evoking emotions. And if you like a good story then it all begins with a good idea.

The webinar will tackle:
  • Discussion on why creative thinking and why now
  • A few short anecdotes and stories
  • Relevant examples
  • Descriptions of easy to-use-hacks
  • Insights into why creative thinking can be seen as threatening to some people and ways to help alleviate these feelings
  • Language to help facilitate the process of creative thinking


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