Welcome to the Interpretation Australia online information series. 

A big shout out to our IA webinars/podcast team John Pastorell and Naias Mingo-Poch for all their wonderful work. If any IA Member would like to take part or put forward any ideas for future webinars /podcasts please contact admin@interpretationaustralia.asn.au.


Getting an Interp Australian training program up … the first steps

Panel participants include Nigel Sutton, Jennifer Waithman, Jane Beattie, Don Enright, Naias Mountfort-Davies, John Pastorelli.

What matters in producing award-winning interpretive films

In this webinar, Beata Kade, Managing Director of Art of Multimedia and Producer of three award-winning documentaries will take you through her process and what she feels is important in making good interpretive documentaries.