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2019 Webinar/Podcast Series

Our 2019 online series continues. We hope you can join us and enjoy the series.

A big shout out to our IA webinars/podcast team John Pastorell and Naias Mingo-Poch for all their wonderful work. If any IA Member would like to take part or put forward any ideas for future webinars /podcasts please contact admin@interpretationaustralia.asn.au.

October/November 2019

Richard Davies – Conservation occurs at the intersection of expertise and community value

Richard Davies – Biography

Having studied Conservation Biology at Macquarie University, Richard Davies started his professional career as a restoration ecologist in an NGO called Greening Australia NSW.

Richard switched to NSW Government 18 years ago. His capabilities have evolved from technocrat to facilitator – from ecology, through environmental education to community engagement. But always in the realm of conservation, sustainability and natural resources.

He has been responsible for commissioning major social research to understand and strategically address public policy issues, including living with native plants and animals in urban areas and providing visitor experiences in NSW National Parks.

Also Richard used to think about conservation in terms of experts protecting the environment. Now he realises conservation occurs at the intersection of expertise and community value. One without the other is insufficient.

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September 2019

Louise Roberts- Sydney Water’s Orchard Hills Treatment Plant

Louise’s current role is Education and Community Partnerships Officer with Sydney Water. Her role is to manage the development and delivery of syllabus-linked high school excursions, resources and teacher training. Louise engages with community and stakeholders through events, tours and activations.Trained as a high school Geography and History teacher, Louise spent 10 years in the classroom in rural NSW, metropolitan Sydney and UK. She is passionate about urban growth, especially liveability and resilience. These are some of the topics covered in the podcast.



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Louise Roberts Podcast









August 2019

Simon McArthur – His World of Interpretation

Simon has 30 years of experience working in sustainable tourism. He is known across the World as The Tourism Doctor. The name came from his numerous visits to struggling destinations, where he helped stakeholders diagnose constraints and develop interventions that enhanced the competitiveness and sustainability of tourism in the area. This ability comes from Simon’s ability to use right and left brain thinking, to flip from destination analysis to creative product development to feasibility assessment to development plan documentation.

Simon is renown for his ability to interpret social trends into unmet market needs and then into creative tourism product development that meets these needs. He has an innate skill to match target markets to tourism products and identify products that are mismatched.

Simon has worked in the world of interpretation all of his working life, was Vice President of Interpretation Australia Association for several years, and has published several books on how to use interpretation to manage visitors coming to experience our most special places.

Listen to Simon’s podcast by clicking the link below:

Simon McArthur Podcast


June 2019

Shane Teehan – The stories of his work

Journalist Shane Teehan will share some of his life stories over a fascinating career. He talks about powerful meaningful stories which have been central to his work. From the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in 1985 and how it leads to a career in journalism, documentary filmmaking and living/working in conflict zones.