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2020: Projects Under $15,000

Conjola tours offer visitors the opportunity to explore lakeside, bush and beach on a 1.5 hour eco-tour at Lake Conjola Entrance. On this 2.5km walk with experienced local guides, visitors hear surprising stories of natural environment and local history, and see a diverse range of local wildlife (kangaroo sightings highly likely). The route includes stunning lake and coast vistas, with whale watching opportunities during the migration season. Lake Conjola Entrance is a ‘must visit’ location for bird-watchers and photographers, known for a wide range of species including endangered and vulnerable beach-nesters.

Bushfire Update January 2020: Conjola District was hit badly by recent bushfires, and we include some stories of this challenging time on Conjola tours.

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Project Team: 

Hohepa Ruhe and Melinda Loe – Kotahi Tourism Directors

All aspects of tour development was undertaken by Melinda and Hohepa including content research, stakeholder liaison, commentary/script development, marketing, operations and tour delivery. Hohepa designed the Conjola tours logo.