Unley’s Own, returning home. 

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An exhibition, based on the thesis, Unley’s Own – Returning Home, by Sandra Kearney, that explores the personal experiences of soldiers of the 27th Australian Infantry Battalion as they returned home to resume their lives in the suburb of Unley, after service at the front during the Great War.

Through personal accounts and dialogue, collected and passed down memorabilia and keepsakes, the exhibition tells individual life stories of some of these soldiers and examines the circumstances unique to the City of Unley that played a role in what was a positive experience for many.


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Part B Supporting Documentation

Project Team: 

Curator: Karen Paris, Unley Museum
Research: Sandra Kearney
Exhibition design and construction: Richard Browning, Synthetic Creative Services
Construction and installation: Alfred Browning
Acting: Stanley Browning
Video and production: Richard Browning