Call Out for Papers

We’re looking for members who would like to:

  • Digitally present a paper
  • Run a workshop (in person) that we can live stream for members who can’t make it
  • Participate in a webinar or podcast
  • Host a Site visit

Some topics members have identified they would like to see (please don’t be limited by this):

  • Remote Interpretation – back to basics when signals don’t reach.
  • Making Messaging engaging
  • Creativity in a Crisis – Learnings from CoVid
  • Aboriginal Consultation and Engagement
  • Partnerships with Communication and the Arts Sector
  • Big Ideas, Small budgets – case studies and innovations, delivering on less.
  • Landscape Interpretation
  • Heritage Tours & Buildings
  • Adaptive Reuse of Buildings & Interpretation
  • Case Studies
  • Digital Interpretation
  • Making Interpretation Accessible

Deadline 27 June 2021

Fill in the form below to tell us about your ideas!