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Acoustiguide is a worldwide provider of audio guides. For over 60 years we have produced cutting-edge and engaging multimedia content. We deliver our award-winning content via our dynamic feature filled app – Acoustiguide Mobile, and our patented, proprietary technological handheld audio guides – OPUS+, and our multimedia smartguide device - The M - which has been developed through our exclusive partnership with Meder Comm Tech. Both technologies allow for delivery of high-quality audio and video content.

As the world's longest-running provider of mobile interpretation, Acoustiguide has developed a reputation as a true innovator, shaping the industry through pioneering milestones in terms of technology, creativity and service provision.

We were the first to bring random-access digital audio guides to the market, and over 25 years later we have the best solution on offer - OPUS+. From 5 - 5555 units, this robust, hand-held device facilitates easy listening for high turnover sites, and offers a simple stable solution for every age and demographic.

Acoustiguide has always had a keen focus on content development - looking at new and interesting ways to bring their sites to life. We pioneered many of the creative concepts people now use in audio tours, and we continue to develop new ideas.

To ensure our technology and ideas remain in step we strive to offer the latest and most interesting technologies on the market:
Acoustiguide Mobile App - packed with a host of amazing features.
Point and click location aware interactive technology.
DIVE - 3D Virtual Live Guided Tours.
Group Guide via the visitors own mobile phone - eliminating the need for hardware systems.
The M - a purpose-built Multimedia Device, with large-screen and integrated charging stations.

If you are considering offering your visitors a deeper insight, then talk to us. As a worldwide company, we draw experience from all over the globe and we share that knowledge and passion with our clients to ensure they can give their visitors the best experience.

Areas Serviced
Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, New Zealand, Other - International
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