Awards of Excellence – Past Winners

The IA Awards of Excellence recognise and reward outstanding heritage interpretation. The 2018 IA Awards were sponsored by Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

Interpretation Australia Awards of Excellence

Effective interpretation of our natural and cultural heritage makes a difference to our daily lives. It helps us understand and navigate our world, and adds depth and insight to our experiences in museums, zoos, parks, the outdoors and commercial environments.

Outstanding heritage interpretation influences our perceptions and behaviour patterns and may therefore also contribute to solving some of the critical environmental issues of the 21st century. The Interpretation Australia National Awards for Excellence were established to recognise and reward outstanding heritage interpretation.

Georgie Waterman Awards

Since 1999, Interpretation Australia has celebrated the life of interpreter Georgie Waterman by awarding the Georgie Waterman Award to an outstanding interpreter.

This award is complemented by the Young Achievement Award for a young interpreter.

For more information on previous winners of the Georgie Waterman Awards click here.