About Us

Interpretation Australia Association is a not-for-profit national membership-based organisation dedicated to the advancement of the profession of cultural and natural heritage interpretation.

IA was formed in 1992 to share issues and ideas, improve professional standards and raise the profile of heritage interpretation as a profession. It serves more than 400 members in Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Many IA members are employed by government agencies. Other members are consultants who work in interpretation development, visitor research, writing, graphic design, multi-media, drama and guiding. They provide services to agencies to develop and produce interpretive plans, interpretive media, and guiding programs.

IA offers useful resources for use by our members; provides a job and tender page where the members can advertise for interpretation professionals; and our supplier registry, which his accessible by non-members, provides a one stop directory for specialists across the range of sectors in which interpreters operate.

IA also provides a national event each year, which either takes the form of a conference where members present their own experience and research; or as a workshop and skill sharing exercise. Smaller, state based events are also offered during the year.


State chapters

Each state and territory has a Chapter comprising members who live in that state.

The Chapter Representatives organise activities during the year such as field days, workshops, guest speakers and social activities.

Currently, our National Chapter Coordinator is Kelee Hodge, who can be contacted via email on Kelee.Hodge@gmail.com

If you are hosting an event that would be of interest to local interpreters, please contact Paula in the first instance, and she will put you in touch with your Chapter Representative who will be able to publicise your event and circulate it to members in your state or territory.

Current State representatives are:


Kelee Hodge (Kelee.Hodge@gmail.com)


Fiona Tucker (fiona.tucker@sopa.nsw.gov.au)


currently awaiting a nominee


Kelley Noonan (kelley@focusproductions.com.au)


currently awaiting a nominee


currently awaiting a nominee


Laila Christie (laila@arterialdesign.com.au)


currently awaiting a nominee

If you would like fill one of our Chapter Representative vacancies, please contact Kelee Hodge directly (email address above).

Meet the executive

Interpretation Australia relies on the voluntary input of those members who join our Executive. Their actions ensure that the Association provides exciting events and resources for its members and takes advantages of new opportunities.

There are many different positions available on the Executive or as State Chapter Representatives. Office bearers are elected for a one-year term at the Annual General Meeting, held in conjunction with the Annual Conference.  Nominations for positions are called for approximately one month before the meeting.

The current Executive For 2017-2018 includes:

President:  Kylie Christian (kchristian@extent.com.au )
Vice President:  Sarah Agterhuis (sarah.agterhuis@gmail.com )
Treasurer:  Kelley Noonan (kelley@focusproductions.com.au )
Secretary:  Jody Steele (jody.Steele@portarthur.org.au )

General Executive Members

Responsible For Sponsorship: Eleanor Banaag (ebanaag@extent.com.au)

Responsible For Conference: Corinne Softly (csoftley@extent.com.au)

Responsible For Awards 2018, Social Media & Networking: Kelee Hodge (kelee.hodge@gmail.com)


Portfolio Managers

Male Vacant
Female Vacant
Iga Warta Review Coordination Cath Renwick
Managers Vacant
Team Vacant
Managers Naias Mingo-Poch
 John Pastorelli
WEB Vacant
Kelee Hodge
CONFERENCE 2018 Kylie Christian
GOA Rosemary Black