Awards Gala Dinner 2019 Announced

The 2019 Conference Gala Dinner has just been announced – join us for a night celebrating the best of Interpretation in 2019 at the social enterprise event space Donkey Wheel House!  Enjoy the delicious food and wine cooked by Kinfolk Café and in keeping with the conference theme, every dollar spent supports Kinfolk’s unique volunteer program and 100% of their surplus budget is donated to their charity partners – The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and the Cathy Freeman Foundation.  

Calling all Interpretation Professionals

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Welcome to Interpretation Australia

Interpretation Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and advancing the profession of natural and cultural heritage interpretation across Australia.

What interpretation does

Interpretation communicates ideas, information and knowledge in a way which helps visitors to make sense of their environment. Good interpretation will create engaging, unique and meaningful experiences for visitors. It takes many forms including such things as guided walks, talks, drama, art, sculpture, displays, signs, brochures and electronic media.

Who is IA?

The Interpretation Australia Association was formed in 1992 to share issues and ideas, improve professional standards and raise the profile of interpretation as a profession. It serves more than 400 members in Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Many IA members are employed by government agencies. Other members are consultants who work in interpretation development, visitor research, writing, graphic design, multi-media, drama and guiding. They provide services to agencies to develop and produce interpretive plans, interpretive media, and guiding programs.

What IA offers

IA offers useful resources for use by our members; provides a job and tender page where members can advertise; and our supplier registry, which is accessible by non-members. It provides a one stop directory for specialists across the range of sectors in which interpreters operate.

Additionaly, IA also provides a national event each year, which either takes the form of a conference where members present their own experience and research; or as a workshop and skill sharing exercise. Smaller, state based events are also offered during the year.

2018 Interpretation Australia National Award Winners

This year we had a phenomenal number of entries for our Awards! The range and quality of the entries were outstanding and it was a difficult year for our judges.

In order to showcase these great projects it was decided that we would also have Runner Up Awards this year. Additionally the judges also chose two Judges Choice Awards.

Congratulations to all our 2018 National Award winners! To see who won visit our Awards page.

Resources – Members Only

IA provides members with a resource library of useful documents, case studies and exampels of best practice. These resources are continually being updated so please let us know if you have something to share!